21 December, 2014

Winter Solstice - 21st December 2014

Today I was supposed to be going on a walk with an Herault walking group, but as usual my sense of direction and reliance on my Tom Tom caused confusion and I ended up on the wrong side the Herault River, and missing the group - they expect were fed up with waiting and started without me.

However, I turned the negative situation into a positive and got my camera out and took some photos.

Grau D'Agde plage and the Pyrenees across the sea in the distance

Again the Pyrenees and an navigation light house on the left bank of the Herault River

A fishing boat arriving in the Herault River back from the Mediterranean Sea

The beach at La Tamisserie and the Pyrenees

The right bank of the Herault River and the navigation light house

The port and starboard navigation light houses for the Herault River on to the Med

The River Herault and Mediterranean Sea

The River Herault heading inland