17 March, 2013

Marrakech May 2012

Just found these photos of our trip to Marrakech in May 2012.  These are some of the better photos just to give you a taster if you haven't been there.

UK - Brighton (the night before we left)

The view of the sun setting as seen from our bedroom window at a hotel in Brighton.  In the foreground is the Brighton Pier

Our Trip to the UK, January 2013 - Crosby near Liverpool

We took a flight to Gatwick to see our son who is working near Lymington, Hampshire and ended up having to head north as my husband's mother was ill.  Between hospital visists I was able to take the camera out and take some lovely photos....

Crosby Beach with the "Another Place" iron men by Anthony Gormley

Plant Watering

I had to pop around to a friend's house to water some plants of hers and mine in her conservatory.  My lemon and lime trees don't like the cold, so I keep them there during the winter.  On my way home I decided to make a detour for about an hour and photograph some of the wonderful countryside in the vicinity.  I found roads I had never been on and places and views I hadn't seen before - here they are....


A view from the Hameau of Lauzy

View of Pic de Barthelmy -the ski resort Les Monts D'Olmes is located nearby.

The wonderful old oak tree near home (she's been photographed before by me in the summer and autumn) but now she is naked without foliage - beautiful tree.

Stormy Weather - March 2013

We had had unusually warm weather for the time of year which resulted in 2 days of of afternoon/early evening thunderstorms.  With the altitude of the mountains and the foothills this creates very violent weather occasionally with a large amount of rain and big puffy clouds.  Here I hope I have captured the weather's ferocity for you.

The storm moves on over the hill towards the flatter ground, but the sun keeps on shining from the south, thus creating dramatic colours.