01 March, 2011

My Photography - Winter and Spring

View from our bedroom window one morning

The golden tree against a frosty blue grass

I like the way that the sun catches the crystals on each blade of grass

Tyre tracks in the mud

"Tyremarks in Mud" by Sara Spencer

Snow in the Ariege (January 2010)

"Alex on Snow Carpet" by Sara Spencer

"Cattle feeding" by Sara Spencer

"Sun & Snow" by Sara Spencer

"The Road Leads Home" by Sara Spencer

Clouds in the Ariege

"February sunbeams" by Sara Spencer

"Scary cloud" by Sara Spencer

"Storm brewing" by Sara Spencer

"Jesus Wants Me as a Sunbeam"

Marseillan, L'Herault and surrounding area

The family took a trip to Marseillan in October 2010 & 2011 and these are some of the photos which truely represent the beauty of the area.
Lac Salagou by Sara Spencer

Marseillan Harbour and Sete in the distrance

Sailing on the Etang du Thau by Sara Spencer

Meze Plage on the Etang du Thau

The Port at Marseillan

Sunrise over the Etang du Thau taken from Port Rive Gauche

Sunrise over the Etang du Thau with Sete in the distance

House shutters and ballestrade

Early morning sailing

Ariege, SW France

Sunflowers nearby

One partially sunny afternoon, I just loved the colour of the mountains in the distance and colours in the foreground

Plateau de Beille - this reminds me a little of the opening scene in the Sound of Music!

A view of the mountains and hills nearby

Plane tree, lopped, against azure blue sky

Sunset over the Pyrenees

Ascent from the Pic de Barthelemy

Alderney, Channel Islands

I love this dramatic cloud just hanging on the horizon

The Swinge - the currents in this stretch of water are treacherous - makes for interesting water colours

Sunset over Fort Clonque November 2010

Shoreline at Longis Beach

Fort Raz on a calm day

Ripples on the sand Longis Beach

I love the colours reflected in the little puddles

Pink granite wall - the granite is found around the island

Hottentot fig is abundant
Sunset over Victorian Fort

Longis Beach in the afternoon

Rock pools near Fort Clonque
Rockpools near Fort Clonque